Month: October 2020

Categories: Miss Queen Kerala

This is the first time in the country that beauty pageants have been held since the Covid-19 lockdown. The competitions were held in compliance with the Covid standards, strengthening survival in the wake of the Covid epidemic. Miss Queen Kerala was conducted with the participation of 10 contestants selected from around 100 applicants in Kerala. The 8th Manappuram Miss Queen Kerala was successfully organized on September 30 at the Saj Earth Resort in Kochi.

Chandralekha Nath has been crowned as the Manappuram Miss Queen Kerala. Swetha Jayaram has won the first runner up title of the Miss Queen Kerala, and Reema Nair the second runner up title. The winners of the Miss Queen Kerala have been crowned by Pegasus Global MD Mrs. Jebitha Ajit

The traditional saree round and red gown round are the two main rounds in the Miss Queen Kerala. The online grooming session of both the contests began on 23rd September itself. The grooming has been handled by a team of experts in the industry.

The judging panel is made up of fashion and model celebrities. Shri. The winners were selected by Hari Anand (Designer), Lakshmi Menon (Model), Archana Ravi (Model) and Saji Mon Parayil (Actor, Designer).

In the contest not only the physical beauty of the contestants has been gauged, but also their intelligence, talents and social commitment have also been measured.

This is the first time a beauty event has been organised in the country since the Covid-19 lockdown. Moreover, this is the first time the possibility of the virtual mode has been fully explored.

Miss Queen Kerala
Miss Personality: Elizabeth Kessya
Miss Ramp Walk: Swetha Jayaram
Miss Talent: Vibitha Vijayan
Miss Glamorous Look: Chandralekha Nath
Miss Viewers’ Choice: Vibitha Vijayan
Miss Social Media: Sreelakshmi C

The winners of the contest have been crowned with the golden crowns designed by Parakkat Jewellers.
Miss Queen Kerala is actually an entry point or base point towards the competitive world of fashion and entertainment.
Winners of Miss Queen Kerala naturally win the golden opportunity to represent the state in several national and International beauty contests such as Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and Miss Glam World.

It is a proud moment. Pegasus is the first organiser which has excluded the infamous bikini round from its beauty contests. The company has carved a unique position in the fashion industry with its values. Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia and Miss Glam World are the other main beauty brands owned by the company.

Manappuram Finance Limited and DQ are the main partner of the event, organised by SCAAS and Pegasus – which has around 20-year experience in the fashion industry. SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center and Medimix are the powered by partners.

Unique Times, Juzt Shine Family Fitness, ZOLA, Kalpana International, Parakkat Resorts, The Times New, UT World, Europe Times, Vee Kay Vees, UT TV, Buckler Paints and Beau Aesthetica are the event co-partners.

The event is conducted to showcase the rich culture, tradition and values of this part of the country and to promote tourism.
It is a notable fact that Pegasus, which is known for its deep respect to the concept of women empowerment, is governed by two women.

Liya Elizabeth Joshy, Reema Nair, Aiswarya Lakshmi B, Elizabeth Kessya, Sreelakshmi C, Gauri B Nair, Shwetha Jayaram, Vibitha Vijayan, Meenakshi Unnikrishnan and Chandralekha Nath are the contestants of the Miss Queen Kerala 2020.